In 1974, three of Portland’s best-regarded business lawyers, Frederick Torp, Brian Booth and Kenneth Stephens, parted ways with the firm of Davies, Biggs, Strayer, Stoel and Boley — now known as Stoel Rives LLP. They joined up with Moe Tonkon, Morris Galen, Terry Baker, and Don Marmaduke to form Tonkon, Torp & Galen. The firm name was changed to Tonkon, Torp, Galen, Marmaduke & Booth in 1981, and was ultimately shortened to Tonkon Torp LLP in 1997.

During these years, our founding partners established a legacy of excellent legal work, leadership and client service — as well as a legacy of dedicated community involvement. With roles as presidents, board members, chairpersons and founders, they shaped and supported some of Oregon’s most beloved institutions, including the Oregon Historical Society, the Multnomah County Library and Literary Arts.

Today Tonkon Torp is one of the largest firms headquartered in Oregon, with over 80 lawyers dedicated to a sophisticated business practice. Though our size and capabilities have grown since 1974, our commitment to community — through philanthropy, advocacy and legal partnership — has grown and strengthened right along with us.

In the timeline below, we have shared notable moments from the firm’s 45 year history.