Accountant & Professional Liability
Tonkon Torp’s accountant and professional liability team has a strong track record in state courts, federal courts and before regulatory bodies. We’ve assisted clients on a wide range of issues, including the defense of securities law claims and secondary liability claims against accountants. Our firm’s internal resources and expertise allow us to achieve successful results in a cost-effective manner for a range of clients, including large national accounting firms and local or regional firms.

Synectic Ventures, et al. v. Craig Berkman, et al.

Several accounting firms provided services to Craig Berkman's investment funds. When investors sued Berkman alleging that he took fund money, the accountants were also sued. Plaintiffs alleged that the accountants aided Berkman in hiding his theft.

Robinson v. Regional Accounting Firm

Tonkon Torp defended a $9 million professional malpractice claim. Our client provided accounting and tax services to the plaintiff over a 15 year period. After terminating the engagement, the plaintiff alleged that a substantial sum was missing. Tonkon Torp won summary judgment in our client's favor establishing that the firm had in fact provided an adequate accounting for plaintiff's funds.

Dunstan v. Ernst & Young, LLP

We defended Ernst & Young in a negligent misrepresentation and securities case. Plaintiffs challenged the firm's audit work.

Graham v. Trullinger, et al.

We defended Deloitte & Touche LLP in a securities case. Plaintiffs' business, The Garden Grow Company, failed after acquisition of Deloitte's long-time client, the Chas. H. Lilly Co. (Lilly Miller). Plaintiffs challenged Deloitte's audit work.

City of West Linn v. Regional Accounting Firm

West Linn's finance director embezzled $1.4 million before her theft was discovered. We defended claims brought against the city's long-time outside auditor.

Board of Accountancy

We have defended accountants against complaints filed with the Oregon Board of Accountancy. These matters have included allegations of inadequate audit work, questioned tax advice, challenged billing practices and employee disputes.

Caroline  Harris Crowne
Practice Area Chair

Caroline Harris Crowne